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Tense Watches Back to Class

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It's the time of year when we're in limbo between the sweet days of summer and the cool days of fall; between lazy freedom and taut deadlines; between sand covered cut-offs and crisp collars.

It's time to prepare for getting routines back on track and style back to class.

Tense Watches Back to Class

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Every good outfit is completed by a timepiece, so find one that matches all of your looks and will be with you for life. Tense watches present a classic style with the unique element of being a wood watch. Containing either Swiss Movements or Japanese Miyota Movements, our watches keep time with only the highest quality materials.

Tense Watches Mens and Womens Wood Watches

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Wearing a wood watch is a conversation starter, so make sure you're wearing one to brag about. Tense was the original wood watch on the market, inspiring many copycats. But Tense is different. Made in Canada since 1971, Tense watches are designed and built with decades of research and experience.  Each piece is made by hand in our workshop in Vancouver. Don't sell yourself short, head back to class in a Tense watch.

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