Earth Day 2017 – Tense Watches (US)

Earth Day 2017

Tense Watches - Earth Day

Earth Day has fallen on April 22nd every year since 1970. It is a day to honour our planet and every natural being that calls Earth home. Earth Day helps us remember all that has been done to protect our planet and reminds us that there is so much change yet to happen if we want to continue to inhabit Earth.

Every person, company and organization can do their part to contribute to a sustainable way of life.

Here at Tense, we use reclaimed and recycled wood to build our watches. The wood we use would otherwise be wasted and potentially sent to a landfill to rot. We make good use of wood byproducts to offer our unique time pieces.
Enter our Earth Day contest via Facebook here.

Tense Watches - Earth Day

Earth Day 1970 started the modern environmental movement at time when issues threatening the environment were not a part of common discourse. Unregulated factories, gas guzzling vehicles, pesticides and many more factors were contributing to the degradation of the environment in the name of production and progress.

Tense Watches - Earth Day

Today, Earth Day is a reminder that we still have a long way to go before we can call our home stable and our way of life sustainable.

Celebrate with us on April 22nd when we’ll be giving away a wood watch made from reclaimed wood. Enter the contest via Facebook here.

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