Fall Hues

Tense Watches Fall Wooden Watches

Depending on where you live, fall is either just around the corner or already on your doorstep. Don't let fall styles sneak up on you; be ready with the latest fall accessories including our wood watches available in fall colors.

Tense Watches Wooden Watches Fall Colours

When worked with, rosewood transforms into a rich reddish hue that compliments this year's fall color trends. Below you see the men's Hampton Watch in rosewood and the women's Small Leather Hampton Watch in rosewood.

Tense Watches Rosewood Wooden Watch

Tense Watches Rosewood Wood Watch

The combination of teak wood and gold stainless steel imitate the colors of falling leaves and the hues we find all around us as we move into fall. Below, you see the Vermont Watch and the Hudson Watch, both in teak wood and gold stainless steel.

Tense Vermont Wood Watch in Teak Wood and Gold Stainless Steel

Tense Hudson Wood Watch in Teak Wood and Gold Stainless Steel

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