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Introducing: The Hybrid


Tense Watches us the original wood watch company. We were first on the market, but our history didn’t begin with only the shaping of unique time pieces out of wood. From 1971 to 1983, Tense only had a small handful of wood watches and primarily made watches out of more traditional materials like metal and leather. Countless hours and testing were done to stabilize the expansion, contraction and durability of the various woods and the shapes we would use in our future products.

Today we draw from our heritage to introduce the Hybrid, an amalgamation of the metal from our heritage with the wood of our present day collection. Using our 45 years of manufacturing and design experience, we have built the first model in our luxury collection, soon to be one our classics.

Tense will expand our luxury Hybrid collection and continue to use the best materials available. You will see some of the traditional components we currently design with and new materials not yet used in today’s watch market.

The Hybrid Watch has a wood and metal case on a leather strap, combining natural materials into the new Tense Hybrid Model. This watch is unisex and shows hourly and second markers, as well as a calendar display on a circular face. It contains a premium Ronda 6004D Swiss Movements, scratch resistant Sapphire Crystal, and corrosion resistant Surgical Grade 316 Stainless Steel finished with PVD coating. The strap is made of genuine Italian Leather. Wood used on this series use 100% recycled wood sources.


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