Made In North America – Tense Watches (US)

Made In North America

Tense Watches - Made in Canada

Tense's founder, Ken Lau, has been designing and building clocks since the 60's when he moved to British Columbia in Canada. Inspired by his new surroundings in British Columbia, Ken began experimenting with wood in his designs. In 1971 with his wood crafting skills honed, Ken launched Tense Watches.

Tense Watches Founder Ken Lau

Before he started making wood watches in 1971, Ken worked with natural materials like stone in his clock designs.

Today, Tense is operated by Ken's daughters Frances and Anna, and Ken still comes to the workshop everyday.

Tense Watches are designed by Frances and built in-house by our dedicated team of watch builders.

Tense Watches Humble Beginnings

All Tense Watches are proudly designed and built by hand in our workshop in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Tense Watches Handmade in Canada

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