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We love to see how you wear your Tense Watch! Whether it's a classic wood watch or one of our Hybrid models, your style is inspiring!

Use the hashtag #MyPresentTense to show off your personal Tense Watch style. Below is a collection of some of our favourite posts from you over the past couple months. We're going to do these features more regularly, so don't forget to tag your photos with #MyPresentTense.

Tense Watches AliciaDang21 Feature

@aliciadang21 shows off her Tense Hybrid Watch in Dark Sandalwood.

Tense Watches KarolinaTurek Feature

@karolinaturek in her Tense Hybrid Watch in Teak.

Tense Watches PatNeal Feature

@patneal keeping his Tense Washington Watch dry. Photo by Avi Dee.

Tense Watches XanderVintage Feature

@xandervintage wearing her Tense Willow Watch in Teak with wearing his Tense Hybrid Watch in Teak.

 Tense Watches SlipperyGoose Feature

@slipperygoose takes his Tense Washington North Watch in Butternut to the beach.

Tense Watches DanielBetan Feature

@danielbetan enjoying winter in his Tense Hybrid Watch in Rosewood.

Tense Watches BrandonDuvall Feature

@brandonduvall shows off his Tense Hybrid Watch in Dark Sandalwood.

That's it for today! Tag your photos with #MyPresentTense to be featured next time!

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