#MYPRESENTTENSE : Todd Talbot – Tense Watches (US)


Love It Or List It Vancouver's Todd Talbot shows us a classic style with our  Hybrid Premium Leather watch as the focal point of the look.
Here's what Todd had to say about his watch and our brand... "I was introduced to Tense watches last year and my first thought was 'unique and stylish' but it was the story behind Tense watches that got me hooked. Family owned, locally made, quality craftsmanship, all with a West Coast flare! I'm a sucker for reclaimed wood in homes and design elements and now I get to wear some! I want a watch to reflect something about me, it needs to be stylish and fun at the same time, and I can tell you from experience it's a conversation starter...everyone who see's it wants to know the story (or the time)". 

What does the name Vermont have to do with this watch?
FUN FACT: Vermont is an English form of the name that a French explorer gave to Vermont's Mountains when he mapped them in 1647. He called them "Verd Mont" meaning green mountain.
This nickname has stuck ever since the 1600s and many continue to refer to it's lush green landscape and beautiful forested mountains as "The Green Mountains".

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