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Wondering who created that amazing video that is on our website homepage?
Al Andrei Albay is making waves as an Instagram "outfit gridder". Learn more about the "outfit gridder" community, Al's love for videography and what has favourite Tense watch is below!
1. Tell us a little about yourself?
My name is Al Andrei Albay or just Al for short. I'm 27 years old and currently living in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada. I moved to Canada from the Philippines when I was 14 years old with my family. I'm the youngest among 3 boys. I'm now working full time as a Medical Laboratory Technologist in a Pathology Lab and have been doing a lot of stuff on the side including videography and photography. 
2. What got you into videography/Instagram content creation? 
I ran my own wedding videography company with my brothers for 4 years before we decided to quit and focus on other things separately. I did not go to school for filming, I learned to use a camera and edit videos through youtube. After quitting wedding videography I tried to find a creative way to utilize the camera gear and use the experience I have. I got inspired when I stumbled upon an instagram page that posts outfit flat lays. Phil Cohen, @thepacman on Instagram, one of the very first outfit gridders, gave me the idea to start my own outfit grid page since I'm also into men's fashion and trends. I started by using clothes and accessories that I already own, and eventually was able to work with brands and clothing companies, incorporating their products into my posts. I feel very blessed to be able to use my skills to help brands on creating quality contents and also raise awareness and attention with the following that I have. 
3. What is the best part and the hardest part about what you do? 
I became very passionate with what I do as an outfit gridder. My following slowly started to grow, especially when I made it a point to start posting daily outfit grid content. The likes and the positive feedback I get is the best part of being a content creator on instagram. It feels good to know that your work is inspiring others and is being appreciated by people. The hardest part with what I do is keeping up with posting "daily". I have a very busy personal life, and at times I have to stay up very late to shoot content, I don't want to let down my followers who are looking forward to what I'm gonna post the next day. 
4. What is your favourite Tense Watch? 
My favourite Tense watch is the "Hampton"! It's my very first wooden watch, and as a Canadian, I'm proud to wear something on my wrist that is made in Canada! The workmanship and the attention to details is amazing! It's also very easy to adjust with the mini screwdriver that comes in the box, genius! 
5. Where can people see your content and learn more about what you do? 

To see more of what I do, you can check out my Instagram page @grmsmen, where I post daily outfit grids and cool product unboxing videos!

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