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Tense Watch Gift Guide

Tense Watch Gift Guide

Holiday season is upon us and there's still time to pick up last minute presents for those on your list.

Watches make a great gift because they last a lifetime, add value to anyone's wardrobe and you can never have too many. Bonus points if you're buying someone their first watch ever!

Check out our top picks for this holiday season below:

1. The Washington North

Tense Wood Watches - Washington North

The Washington North is one of our newest styles. Based on one of our classic best selling pieces, we've updated the dial to a reflect a more modern minimalistic aesthetic. The Butternut Wood model pictured here features a blue dial that is only available on limited styles. This particular wood/dial combination has been a favourite since it launched.

2. The Hybrid

Tense Wood Watches - The Hybrid

Tense Wood Watches - The Hybrid

The Hybrid is a unisex style that fits many wrist sizes. Containing Swiss movements, scratch resistant Sapphire crystal, surgical grade stainless steal and genuine Italian leather, the Hybrid is the first model in our Premium Collection. It was designed with a clean modern aesthetic in mind. You'll see more premium styles in the new year.

3. The Leather Hampton / Hampton North

Tense Wood Watches - Leather Hampton

Tense Wood Watches - Hampton North

When we started making watches in 1971, we used leather for straps until we fully honed our wood working skills. Now, 45 years later, we honour our heritage by bringing back some of the materials we started making watches with. The Leather Hampton and Hampton North were our first re-introduction back into leather in 2016. This is a unisex style that suits many different wrist sizes.

4. Hampton

Tense Wood Watches - Hampton

The Hampton is the best seller of 2016. It combines the all wood design that we're known for with the more modern minimalist dial of our most recent designs. The result is a watch that appeals to many different types of people and suits a wide range of styles.

There are many other Tense Wood Watch styles available. Check them all out here.

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