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Tense Watches - Design Neighbors

Tense Watches is located in a city full of creative people making amazing products. From wood furniture, to leather bags and shoes, we're surrounded by inspiring small businesses. Today, we'd like to introduce you to some of our Vancouver design and production neighbours.

Union Wood Co.

Tense Watches - Union Wood Co. Feature

Union Wood Co. began their journey of design and craftsmanship with recycled and reclaimed wood. Their designs are inspired by the quest for living a meaningful life. This concept is evident in the sleek finish of contrasting textures in Union Wood Co.'s functional pieces.

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Ora Bags

Tense Watches - Ora Bags Feature

Ora Bags are designed and handmade by Randi Obenauer. Randi's pieces are designed with her medium of leather in mind and her eye for great style overseeing each bag. In the beginning, Ora Bags were crafted out of up-cycled leather clothing like jackets and skirts. Today, Ora's bag designs have evolved to include high quality leather hides. Randi works with a talented team to create her editorial photos, like photographer Amanda Leigh Smith and stylist Alberta Randall who worked on the above photo.

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J&S Reclaimed Wood Custom Furniture

Tense Watches - J&S Reclaimed Wood Custom Furniture Feature

J&S Reclaimed Wood Custom Furniture highlights the natural beauty of the wood they salvage for their designs. Each piece starts telling a new story the moment the wood is selected while retaining the rich history of the salvaged materials.

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Love Jules Leather

Tense Watches - Love Jules Leather Feature

In 2008, Love Jules found it's humble beginnings in a passion project. Inspired to continue creating art after finishing school, Julia began creating custom leather belts. Soon after, things escalated quickly in terms of both Julia's leather working abilities and the market for her products. Today, Julia and her partner Josh design and cobble limited runs of handmade boots and shoes every couple of months as Love Jules.

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