Introducing: Meadow & Elaho

The newest additions to our Women's watches are the Meadow & Elcho cuff.


Is known by definition as: a piece of low ground near a river. They are usually open and sunny areas, that host a multitude of wildlife. Many meadows support a wide array of wildflowers, which makes them of utmost importance to Pollinating insects, such as bees, and hence the entire ecosystem.


Is a long river beginning in the Coast mountains northwest of Whistler and Pemberton, BC. It is a branch of the Squamish River and is known for its whitewater rafting and kayaking as well as for the intensely beautiful alpine scenery lining its route. 


The inspiration for both of these names truly stems from one another - with a meadow being grass near a river and the Elaho being a river - it showcases that one element feeds off of another helping to create beautiful landscapes and sights with their won unique qualities. The Elaho comes in Teak and Walnut. The Meadow comes in Teak, Walnut and Rosewood.



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