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Our Top 8 Canadian Adventures



Ever have the desire to explore the great outdoors, but don't know were to start? Here are our top 8 adventure spots that range from beginner to extreme adventure seeker.


1. Northern Lights in Yellowknife, NT
Yellowknife is one of the go-to destinations in Canada for the Northern Lights. To increase your chances of seeing this phenomenon try to travel between January and early April. You can rent a car and drive out yourself to take in the wonder on your own time and pace or take a night tour where a guide will give you more insight into the history and beliefs behind the Northern Lights.
2. Orca watching off Vancouver Island, B.C.
There are plenty of places around Vancouver Island that offer tours. These tours take you on a fun, but windy ride through the ocean in hopes of spotting some beautiful orcas and maybe some other sea creatures. Make sure to bundle up (especially in the winter) as the wind and salt water spray are a guarantee, even if you don't get to see any whales.
3. Visit the Valley of 1,000 Devils in Saskatchewan
Located in one of the country's most under-visited national parks—Grasslands—the Valley of 1,000 Devils offers unique outdoor adventures. 65-hectares of valley hold not only hiking trails but also dinosaur fossils, as well as the "K-T Line", a white strip in the Earth said to be formed by the meteorite that killed the dinosaurs. This place is every dessert loving, geology and paleontology seeking guests' dream.
4. Hang out at Toronto CN Tower
 The CN Tower's EdgeWalk is a panoramic view of the city on a whole other level.. or should we say whole other story. Stepping outside for a walk on the roof of the CN Tower's restaurant, which sits at 1,168 feet above ground and literally hang off the tower's edge, you'll get to see Toronto in an entirely different way.  
5. Kiteboard in Atlantic Winds, Prince Edward Island
 When strong winds blowing off the Gulf of St. Lawrence are combined with wide stretches of ocean and sandy beaches one of the best kiteboarding locales in Canada is created. You can either book a lesson, or bring your own gear and head to the Green Gables Shore on the island’s north edge which is where you'll truly experience a wild ride on the open tides. 
6. Swim with Humpbacks in Newfoundland & Labrador
Yes, we are talking about going swimming with humpback whales in the frigid North Atlantic Ocean. Don't forget a wetsuit and snorkel gear when you head out from Petty Harbour, south of St. John’s. The whales are usually easy to find considering they weight around 36,000 kilograms and are 12 or more metres long. When you feel ready, this guided tour will help you jump in so you can get an up-close experience with these friendly giants.
7. Polar bears in Churchill
Every year, between September and November, polar bears pass through Churchill, Manitoba on their migration route for the winter. While this may seem like a terrifying idea, and you might wonder why anyone would want to visit a place full of polar bears - it is a great opportunity to see these amazing animals in their natural environment. Tours use Tundra Buggies so you cross the uneven landscape at a safe distance. Never visit this area on your own or without proper vehicles for transport. 
8. Iceberg Alley - Great Northern Peninsula, NL
Iceberg Alley stretches from the coast of Labrador to the northeast coast of Newfoundland.  Depending on your level of excitement, experience and adventure, you can watch from the land, take a boat trip or even kayak amongst these natural, frosty, 10,000 year old giants. 
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