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We love to see how you wear your Tense Watch! Tag your photos and videos with #MyPresentTense to have them shared. Today, we'd like to share some of our favourite Instagram posts tagged with #MyPresentTense from the last little while!


Tense Watches - Daniel Ocean Feature

"In my element 🌱
Everything about my new timepiece from @TenseWatches fits my new creative space. Earth friendly + handmade in my home country of Canada"

Shop the Hudson Watch that Daniel is wearing: https://tensewatch.com/products/hudson


Tense Watches - Anthony Urbano Feature

"It's always time to visit somewhere new! ⌚️
Landed in Stockholm yesterday wearing my @tensewatches Vermont watch. Handmade and designed in Canada, I love the unique way it combines 100% recycled wood with metal! Also the watch's Swiss movements are protected by scratch resistant sapphire crystal and stainless steel 💥 so you know it's high quality!"

Shop the Vermont Watch that Anthony is wearing: https://tensewatch.com/products/vermont


Tense Watches - Alicia Dang Feature

"What's in my bag?"

Shop the Hudson Leather Watch that Alicia wears: https://tensewatch.com/products/hudson-leather


Tense Watches - Liam McLeod Feature

"Well would you look at the time"

Shop the Washington North Watch that Liam wears: https://tensewatch.com/products/washington-north

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