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Stainless Steel Feature

Tense Watches Stainless Steel Feature

Tense utilizes 316 Stainless Steel in the design and the construction of our Hybrid Collection of watches. We chose this material because it creates a sturdy watch with a premium appearance.

Tense Watches Hudson Watch in Walnut and Black Stainless Steel

Pictured Above: The Hudson Watch

316 Stainless Steel is a marine grade stainless steel because of it's resistance to corrosion, especially from chlorides like salt and other industrial solvents. This type of steel is often used in chemical processing apparatus, the pulp and paper industry and for food and beverage processing and dispensing. It's also used to build surgical tools and some medical implants.

Because of it's resistance to salt corrosion, 316 Stainless Steel is often used in the marine industry. It's also useful as an architectural building material on the coast.

Tense Watches Vermont Watch in Rosewood and Rose Gold

Pictured Above: The Vermont Watch

The Tense Watches that include 316 Grade Stainless Steel are the Hudson, Hudson Leather, Vermont, Vermont Leather and Brunswick Leather watch models.

Below are the Hudson and the Vermont.

View the entire Hybrid Collection here.

Tense Watches Hudson Watch and Vermont Watch

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